Commission an Educational psychologist

Commissioning our services

When you first express an interest in commissioning us, we will visit your school and talk to you about your school’s particular needs and the areas you would like to develop. We will then explore the different service options available to help you meet these needs.

Prior to the meeting

In advance of this meeting, we will send you the names and contact details of some Headteachers and SENCOs who you can contact directly and discuss our services in more detail. They are more than happy to talk to potential new schools, and they can give you an honest and comprehensive evaluation of our overall service package.

Contract lengths

Schools can commission an educational psychology service contract for 20 days or more. Preference is given to schools who commission an assistant psychologist contract alongside an educational psychology service contract, as we feel that the quality of educational psychology support is higher with the assistant psychologist contract in place too. You can learn more about the assistant psychologist model by clicking here.


Educational Psychology time is costed at £649.50 a day. So a 20 day contract will cost £12,990. A 30 day contract is £19,485 and a 40 day contract is ££25,980.

An Assistant Psychologist (AP) contract is costed at £24,990 + VAT for 1365 hours of AP time, which averages out at 35 hours a week over a 39 week term. There are no on-costs for the school as the AP is an employee of EdPsychs Ltd.

Condition of service and contracts

Schools must be fully aware that the educational psychologists who deliver services to schools with an EdPsychs' contract are independent consultants and practitioners working under HCPC guidelines. They are not an employee of the school or EdPsychs Ltd. Their views and professional opinions are their own. 

From a school's perspective, an assistant psychologist is also a consultant to the school (and is an an employee of EdPsychs Ltd). They can only work within their job description and they follow BPS guidelines. 

All EPs and APs must have a referral form, signed by a legal guardian, before they can work with a student. 

Due diligence

We would also suggest that you contact at least two other service providers too, both to satisfy your governing body and also because it is good practice and part of any school’s due diligence process.

Commissioning an EP service

If you'd like to commission and educational psychology service from EdPsychs you are welcome to contact us by clicking here.

Would you like to learn more about our services?

If so, we look forward to hearing from you.