Assistant Psychologist’s Application Form

Before you begin

Thank you for your interest in becoming an AP with EdPsychs. We would like to make the application and interview process as interesting and informative for you as we can. This is your chance to explain your interests, experiences, aspirations and psychological understanding and ability.

The EdPsychs AP application form is presented below.

You need to complete screening questions, and then a number of application assessment questions.

You should scan through the application first, evaluate whether you can answer these questions, have a bit of a think and then begin.

We hope you enjoy the process and it informs your wider thinking and learning.

Personal Information
The Assistant Psychologist Core Criteria and Pre-requisites
The Assistant Psychologist role

There are no character limits for these answers (but most answers are at least two or three paragraphs long), and we will be looking at how you think, write, reflect on and evaluate your research and experiences when answering the questions. Evidence based answers are usually better answers.

We will only accept applications from candidates who have completed all of the questions.

Your qualifications
Your employment experience
Question 1:

Please explain why you would like to be an AP, what experience you have working with children and young people and what psychological skills you will bring to this role. Think about what you could contribute to your host school, EdPsychs and the wider profession.

Question 2:

Imagine you are an AP. Look at EdPsychs training programme here, and explain which days look particularly interesting to you and why. How could you apply this training in your school? What would the impact of this be?

Question 3:

Imagine you are an AP. Look at the support structures we have for APs in the company here. What do you expect to learn from this and how could you improve it?

Question 4:

Imagine the government has asked you to set up a school, and you have agreed to do this. What would the main focus of your school be? How would we recognise that a student came from your school? And how would we know a future psychologist has set up this school? Please feel free to focus on any areas that you feel would be important to build into your school. We’ll possibly ask you more at interview about this.

Question 5:

Think about your life. When were you happiest? What makes you feel most fulfilled as a person? And how would you apply these two things to your future development as a person and as a professional?

Question 6:

What question do you wish we’d asked you and what would your answer to that question be?

Final Points

Are there any final points you’d like to add?

Your CV


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