Our fees

Our fees

Our fee structure is outlined below. All Educational Psychologist (EP) and Assistant Psychologist (AP) time is logged on the schools personal EdPsychs landing page on our portal, and signed off by a school SENCo or Inclusion Manager to ensure that schools receive the full service allocation that they have paid for.

  • Educational Psychologist time is costed at £649.50 a day. This works out at £12,990 for a 20 day contract, £19,485 for a 30 day contract and £25,980 for a 40 day contract. All EPs are consultants and provide their own professional liability insurance, DBS and they pay their own tax and pension contributions and use their own resources. EP contracts are self-contained and include all admin and report writing time.
  • Assistant Psychologists (APs) work full-time in a school (35 hours a week of direct contact time across the 39 weeks of an academic year). They complete a 10-day induction at the start of the year and are released at least one day a month by schools to complete additional training that is then cascaded back into the school. APs are employees of EdPsychs Ltd and we pay their tax, national insurance, pensions and professional insurance. Schools must have an EdPsychs Ltd EP contract (minimum 20 days a year) before they can access the AP service. This service costs £24,990 per year + VAT per AP.
  • Individual educational psychology assessments cost £900 for our standard educational psychology assessment (which can be completed at the client's home, at Harley Street or at the student's school) and £1360 for an assessment that will be used to inform an assessment for an EHCP.
  • Educational Psychology assessments completed by John Hepburn, Company Director are completed at Harley Street or at the client's school and are costed at £1360.
  • EP training days, CBT therapy, Life Compass Coaching, professional coaching, study skills days and AP training days are costed separately and you can enquire directly.

Our service delivery model is up to a standard rather than being down to a price. As such, we often have a waiting list of schools who would like an EP or an AP contract, and clients waiting for individual assessments. However, once a school has completed an EdPsychs' contract, or a client has received a previous assessment or support from us they move onto our priority booking service for life as we see schools and clients as being under our long-term care.

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