Our Psychologists

Each educational psychologist is an independent consultant, carefully chosen by EdPsychs to meet the needs of your school. We interview extensively, and all psychologists complete practice cases to ensure they can advance clear, helpful and professionally compliant reports.

Educational psychologists registered with EdPsychs have access to the EdPsychs portal, where they can find templates, training materials and recommendations from other educational psychologists that they can use and adapt when supporting EdPsychs contracts as they so choose. They can also seek advice and supervision from other psychologists and access ongoing good practice from colleagues.

Each psychologist is registered as a Practitioner Psychologist

Each psychologist is registered as a Practitioner Psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Registration with the HCPC is required to ensure that each psychologist meets the required standards for safe, lawful and effective practice and is therefore allowed to offer psychological services to the general public. HCPC regulation is a key part of our professions commitment to protecting and supporting the general public. As such, EdPsychs will always check the current professional status of each psychologist before allocating them to a client.

The Professional Integrity of the Psychologist

You can personally check that your psychologist is a registered member of the HCPC, and therefore legally allowed to practice by clicking here selecting 'Practitioner Psychologist' from the drop down menu and entering their surname.

Each psychologist has a valid DBS certificate, professional indemnity insurance and completes their own regular CPD in line with HCPC guidelines.

EdPsychs also offers ongoing supervision and CPD opportunities to psychologists to help them keep their professional expertise up to date and relevant to supporting a school based service, and allows them to seek professional advice and support if they feel it is needed.

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