Study Skills

Study Skills 

Over their school career, children and young people will, ideally, take increased responsibility for their own learning, evaluating their personal progress, performance and the type of support they will need to achieve their personal goals.

As part of this process, many schools book a study skills day to help children learn to study and self evaluate more effectively. An EdPsychs' study skills day is delivered by two Assistant Psychologists (APs) who will visit your school and work with your children and students. The study skills day is:

  • For students from Year 5 to university age
  • For a group of up to 16 students
  • For students who are underperforming in school due to having weak study skills or poor motivation (and not for students who are not achieving due to other underlying difficulties)
  • Intended to be run in the Autumn term for students in Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 and throughout the academic year for students in other year groups, or students at college or university
  • Intended to be run as a whole day block (9am - 4 pm) with lunch and breaks, but no other interruptions. It does not work well in schools who are unwilling to release Year 10 and Year 11 students for a whole day, or where these students have other activities they need to attend to during the day

Each day is costed at £400 for a group of up to eight students, and £500 for a group of up to 16 students.

Apologies, but our study skills day does not work well with larger groups as each student will need a lot of individual attention throughout the day.

Each student on the day will receive an EdPsychs Ltd study skills pack and in-depth training on how to use it. All students should be able to read and have a working proficiency in English.

Once the EdPsychs' study skills day has been completed, schools can then commission a 'Targeted Planning' day, where students learn how to self evaluate in greater detail, plan their time more effectively and build more strategic study schedules. These are also costed at £400 for a group of up to eight students, and £500 for a group of up to 16 students.

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