Coaching and Media Training


EdPsychs offer a range of coaching services including:

  • 'Life Compass Coaching' is for Head Teachers, Senior Management and psychologists (costed at £150 per hour) and is delivered in two, two hour blocks by a Professor of Psychology. The aim of 'Life Coaching Compass' is to help senior professionals develop personal clarity in their personal and professional lives and improve their motivation, direction and decision making processes.
  • Life coaching (for children and staff) which is delivered by a professional coach and is costed at £90 per hour and booked as a five session block. All sessions are for individuals only. This is a coaching session, where the coach explores the individuals thinking in depth (rather than a therapeutic service).  In a coaching session, the coach will work with the student, young person or member of staff, using a range of coaching activities and questions to explore their:
    • Core values
    • Motivations
    • Life goals and priorities
    • Life choices
    • Behavioural choices
    • Strategies to help the individual achieve their goals

Practitioners offering coaching have a valid up-to-date DBS covering working with children, young people and adults and the relevant coaching qualifications.

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