School and SENCO training

Training within your EP contract

A large part of our work is aimed at helping schools improve the efficiency with which they use their existing resources, and much of the school and SENCo training the psychologists provide happens within the EP contract. Recent examples include:

  • Building evidenced based interventions
  • Training teaching assistants on using evidence based interventions accurately
  • Helping SENCos build evidence based plan, do, review structures and costed analyses
  • Training staff on dyslexia, dyscalculia, working memory and autism
  • Building whole school behaviour policies (that include the voice of the child)
  • Advancing staff training on a diversity of areas

However, many psychologists also offer additional training (based on their own specialist expertise), usually across a number of days, weeks or months in a range of arears which can be commissioned separately including:

  • Developing an efficient and cost effective SEN provision
  • Embedding quality first teaching in schools
  • Attachment training
  • Running mindfulness in schools
  • Running CBT based interventions in schools
  • Increasing equality of opportunity in staff recruitment
  • Ensuring disadvantaged groups are better supported in education

We provide training dates within the EdPsychs' portal (and if you have an EdPsychs' contract please log into the Head teacher and SENCo forums on this site for full details).

Schools with EdPsychs' contracts also receive invitations to training events at discounted rates which we host throughout the year. Recent sessions include:

  • A one-day session on using effective phonics and spelling programmes (June 2016)
  • A one-day session on the FRIENDS anxiety programme (June and July 2016)
  • A four day rolling session on improving the quality of SEN provision in your school (offered monthly on an ongoing basis)
  • A two-day interactive workshop on Attachment (November 2016)
  • A one-day session on listening to the voice of the child in schools (November 2016)
  • A four-day programme on mindfulness (January and February 2017)

We also work alongside partner companies who offer head teacher coaching and mentoring, developing high performing senior management teams, teacher coaching and using media training to develop public speaking skills in the classroom. 

Further training within the Assistant Psychologist contacts

If you have an Assistant Psychologist (AP) contract, training within this contract (which is developed alongside and supervised by experienced EPs) can encompass:

  • Implementing 26 areas of research to improve evidence based practice in teaching
  • Running evidence based interventions in literacy, numeracy and working memory
  • Understanding, recognising, screening and supporting working memory needs in school
  • Understanding, assessing and supporting anxiety and mental health needs in schools
  • Running voice of the child sessions in schools to develop a sense of self, purpose and motivation
  • Completing ASD and ADHD screeners (non-diagnostic) to develop an individualised profile of need and a personalised intervention package for students with a diagnosis
  • Running social and communication training programmes and interventions in schools
  • Evaluating the impact of your interventions in your school

This is only a small snap shot of the training and support we offer in schools: please contact us if you would like to learn more.

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